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Jamie's Story

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"Please be patient with me. You see, I lost my child. And while it might seem like a long time to you; it is everyday for me."


On Friday, September 21, 1979 at 8:06 a.m. our beautiful daughter, Jamie Lynn, came into this world.  She was a sweet, happy and loving child who grew to be the same kind of person as an adult.


Jamie was the oldest of four children.  She had three brothers: twins (Chad and Nicholas), were born 18 months after Jamie.  Then Jason came along three years after the twins.  It was apparent from very early on that Jamie was not going to be pushed around by her brothers.  In fact, she bossed them around on a regular basis.


Jamie went to catholic grade school and high school.  She graduated college from Penn State with a business degree.  She was a very dedicated hard worker and worked at The pt Group from the time she was 17.  She loved her job, but she was looking for more to do.  She enrolled in Empire Beauty School where she learned to be a nail technician.  She immediately loved doing nails and ended up buying a hair salon.  She was so happy working at The pt Group half day and the salon the other half.


Her dreams were all coming true.  Jamie met Tom Hall in 2006 and they married on September 25, 2010.   The whole day was beautiful and both Jamie and Tom were very happy.


They wanted to start a family; Jamie really wanted to be a mom.  They realized that it was not going to be as easy as they had hoped.  They sought help and went through different treatments and protocols. After a few disappointments, and a very long labor, our beautiful tiny Chloe Elizabeth was born on October 28, 2014.  Tom and Jamie were over the moon.  They got their sweet, spunky, fun-loving little girl.  They felt so blessed to have a beautiful, healthy baby.  Chloe was their world and never left Jamie’s side.  They were together 24/7.  Jamie was very protective of her.


After the difficulties of trying to conceive Chloe, they didn’t think it was possible to have another baby.  But, on Jamie’s 38th birthday, they announced they were going to have another child.  The whole family was so happy and excited.  Chloe was going to be a big sister.  On April 7, 2018 our beautiful, healthy Cody Thomas was born by emergency C-section.  All seemed well with both Jamie and Cody.  They were both discharged after being in the hospital for only two days.


Jamie, Tom, and Chloe were happy as can be.  Their little family was complete.  They had a girl and a boy, they thought life couldn’t get any better.  Who would of thought that Jamie had only 38 days to live?


Tuesday, May 15 started out like any other day.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Jamie was going shopping for a few last-minute things for Cody’s baptism, which was to be the following Sunday.  Around 8:15 a.m. tragedy struck.  God decided it was time for Jamie to go home to Him, leaving her two beautiful children who she loved with all of her heart.  Our precious Jamie: daughter, sister, wife, and mommy, suffered a postpartum hemorrhage and passed away at 1:10 p.m. that day.  We were all in shock and disbelief, and are still in denial at times.  There is so much devastation all around from losing her.  Not just with us, (her family), but with so many relatives, friends and others who knew her in any capacity.  We are all lost without her and our lives will never be the same.  The Earth has lost a bright light and sweet soul.  Heaven has received a blessed angel.


We, her family, are determined to keep her memory alive for her kids and all who knew and loved her.  We ask that anyone reading this will always keep our family in your prayers.  Every hour of every day is a struggle without her.

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